Privacy Policy

The privacy of our members is important to us.

We do not run third party cookies on this site but do allow for members to use an auto save for their username and passwords so that their details and the website can be accessed easily,

The Privacy Policy we undertake is above the minimum specifications of UK data protection law and is updated as required under that law. We are bound under that law to keep your data safe.

Data collected in any forms on this site are kept secure. The data we collect is used solely for the running of the club and its administration and is kept on a secure database run by a third party who can more ably protect and update security as required.

We do not keep bank details or have access to financial passwords or credit card details on any electronic data base. These payment details ae handled via PayPal on our behalf or the bank services we employ to run the Bank Account.

Details for conference (non financial) will be shared with the conference centre as required for them to fulfil their service to our members.

Apart from those organisation mentioned above membership details are not shared with third party organisations.

Under UK charity commission law we may be required to pass on your contact details to any other member of our organisation. For further clarification on when this is or is no appropriate please refer to the charity commissions web page for up to date legislation on this matter.